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Biola God and evolution conference now on YouTube


From October 2010, based on the book God & Evolution

It was great fun. Some cultural resources too:

The panel discussion with Marvin Olasky

David Klinghoffer on Judaism and evolution

Jonathan Wells’ critique of Francis Collins’ theistic evolution and Biologos

Denyse O’Leary on Catholics and evolution

About this, see also: Yes, a Catholic can be a young Earth creationist in good faith

and a must-see:

John West on three big questions about God and evolution.

And lots more in the sidebar.

And this is yer last religion jaw fer the week.

Gil, My folks are in Dana Point. I'm assuming you're close to there? CannuckianYankee
Wow- it looks like Neil Rickert doesn't like what Denyse said- the theistic worldview I don't know, Neil, but I would bet she understands science better than you do. Joe
I'm 40 miles south of Biola in Orange County, CA, and attend events at Biola from time to time. Let's arrange a reunion! GilDodgen
Denyse, Next time you're in SoCal, let me know ahead of time, please. Would be great to have a meet and greet. I'm about 1 hour away from Biola. I think Gil D. is close by also (Riverside CO?), and BA77 is probably within that area too. Plus, there's some great restaurants in the OC/LA County area. My treat if we can get it going. CannuckianYankee

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