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New Scientist tells us what human gene traits conquered world

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Dozens of genes found in humans today have been traced to Neanderthals and Denisovans. They made their way into the human species when some of our direct ancestors mated with ancient lineages that are now extinct.

Interbreeding like this happened in Africa and in Eurasia, producing many human hybrids – you can read more about them here. Recent genetic decoding has revealed that it partly accounts for differences in our physical appearance – things like skin and hair colour – and affects our health. More.

One must pay to read anything significant, and one senses that we’re not going to hear why, exactly, those other groups are somehow classified as not “the human species.” Because if they are, the story collapses: Everyone who wasn’t cloned has a blended genetic inheritance.

See also: “Speciation” means what exactly? No one can define it but it is the basis of Darwinian evolution.

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