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Does evolution have a predictable future?


Darwinians must technically say no, as life is not about anything and does not progress to any purpose. But here are some predictions offered by Michael Ruse, Joseph Graves, Briana Pobiner, Stephen Stearns, and Chris Stringer:

The scientists we spoke to uniformly withheld from making specific predictions, but they were all agreed that evolution hasn’t stopped.

“It’s definitely happening,” asserts Professor Graves, “but as human beings, we’re not in a lab setting. There are just too many complexities to make a scientifically meaningful prediction.”

So evolution is happening, they say. They also say there is no way to know.

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Obviously it couldn't stop!! however to see the glory of selection still going on requires faith. In fact it never happened originally. Thats a faith too. A false faith. Not science uless they have biological scientific evidence aplenty. Robert Byers
The answer to the question in the title of the OP is no. Evolution is unentailed and has no entailments.
Hence we are driven to expunge entailment from evolution entirely, not on any intrinsic scientific grounds, but because of the psychological requirements of biologists. - Robert Rosen. Life Itself.
If a Space Ark containing a few hundred sapiens was launched into space - they would evolve into a different species eventually. And when they landed on an earth like planet in a hundred thousand years or so - the gravity there would crush & kill them. Oops. ppolish
It. Mung
So evolution is happening, they say. They also say there is no way to know.
No way to know what, specifically? daveS

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