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Evolutionary informatics has come a long way since a Baylor dean tried to shut down the lab


Return to product information On the theory that it might reflect badly on Darwin (2007). The lab moved off campus and continued.

Robert Marks II writes to offer updates on the Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics book (Robert J. Marks, William A. Dembski and Winston Ewert, 2017)

Podcast: (AI) Robert Crowther “Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Replace Humanity,” Interview with Robert J Marks, ID the Future, December 18, 2017.

Podcast: (AI) Robert Crowther “The Dangers, Limits and Promise of Artificial Intelligence.” Interview with Robert J Marks, ID the Future, January 8, 2018.

Book’s site:

Evolutionary informatics weds the natural, engineering, and mathematical sciences. Evolutionary informatics studies how evolving systems incorporate, transform, and export information. The Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory explores the conceptual foundations, mathematical development, and empirical application of evolutionary informatics. The principal theme of the lab’s research is teasing apart the respective roles of internally generated and externally applied information in the performance of evolutionary systems and capabilities of humans that exceed computation.

Companion piece: On Basener and Sanford’s paper falsifying Fisher’s Darwinism theorem: It will be no small thing to make reality matter again

See also: Bill Dembski on the Evolutionary Informatics Lab – the one a Baylor dean tried to shut down

Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics: Media to get you started

Who thinks Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics should be on your summer reading list?

Open Mike: Cornell OBI Conference—Chapter Three, Dembski, Ewert, and Marks on the true cost of a successful search


Evolutionary Informatics takes off

There should be a link to the virtual representation of the Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory in the article, as even some of the more prolific contributors to this site seem not to recognize it.... DiEb
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