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ID in Doonesbury

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ID appearing in Doonesbury indicates how far this topic has risen in the public debate.

Doonesbury on ID

Red Trudeau's sympathies nearly always falls with the left. That's no surprise. The Democrat party's left wing will be LONG time in forgiving the defection of the southern Baptists to the Republican party. They're the voting block that turned the tide against the Democrats. The ire is being expressed as ridicule - ignorant southern rednecks. What's humorous is that southern blacks are even more fundamentalist inclined, are still super-loyal Democrat voters, and are somehow excluded from the ridicule. Talk about hypocritical. The Democrats sure are working hard to alienate the hispanic vote too. Hispanics are almost all Catholic so they aren't stung so much by the fundamentalist bashers but it's moving that way. The new pope who is far less inclined to abandon principle to accomodate materialism doesn't bode well for keeping hispanics in the Democratic party fold either. Black and hispanic men are overrepresented in the military too and those patriotic young men have great influence with their families. The military favors the Republicans for their platform of increased military strength, readiness, and willingness to deploy it on a long leash. At any rate, what I found really significant wasn't Trudeau's position but rather the fact that ID had risen in public awareness enough to get his attention. Trudeau mocks Bush and Schwarzeneggar too but that didn't prevent George and Arnold from getting elected. One might even say that Trudeau doesn't take on lightweights and so he now considers ID a real contender. And of course there's the old saying that even bad publicity is better than no publicity. :-) DaveScot
This comic strip appears to be intellegently designed, but it isn't. What the strip actually illustrates are the effects of Darwinian logic upon Garry Trudeau's spirit. The effects appear to be arrogance, condescension, bigotry and ignorance. Red Reader
Actually, I suggest, in all seriousness, that Dr. D get that a spot on the show NUMB3RS. jaredl
Evolved has a lot of definitions, Josh. I know a guy that started going to church regularly and evolved into a better person because of it! :-) DaveScot
Hamer. That guy is a kook. He comes up with this God gene nonsense that doesn't make sense (few religious people I know find themselves in a state of trance!), but he's also the guy who came up with the "gay gene" that scientists quickly tore into shreds. Funny that they quickly went to attack the "gay gene" bogus, yet I've heard little about the so-called "God gene". (if there WAS a gay gene, gays could demand recognition as having a biological demand to live the way they do, whereas religious people would just be the regular ol' 'idiots' the media, hollywood, etc. make them out to be) Josh Bozeman
The next step is for Professor Dembski to get represented by a cutesy little icon in the Doonsebury strip like George W. Bush is represented by a Roman gladiator helmet and Arnold Schwartzeneggar is represented by a giant groping hand. :-) Any suggestions? Be kind now. ;-) DaveScot
Newsflash, I don't know of ANY creationist or ANYONE else period who doesn't realize that living things ADAPT to their environment and such. To call that evolution is technically true, but this is just another piece of propaganda. This clearly doesn't support the overall scheme of molecule to man evolution...even the ancients surely realized that their kids weren't identical copies of themselves! (So much with the often heard claim that the ancients were morons.) And that animals adapted to their environments. Josh Bozeman
I just watched a TV program from BBC (The Story of God) which included A visit to a Baptist church in Kentucky, an interview with Ken Ham and visit to the Creation museum, an interview with Ken Hamer (The God Gene) and a Park guide from the Grand Canyon who had converted to creationism. The presenter was Robert (now Lord) Winston, an eminent British doctor and committed Jew. It seemed factually very fair, and respected everyone's sincerity. He concluded with a quote from Blaise Pascal (he of the wager fame) What is certain is that nothing is certain. Renard
It seems like ID is permeating every level of worldly endeavors. Go get'em ID! Benjii
Awareness that there is a topic has risen. Awareness of what ID actually says? We're not there yet! TomG

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