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IVP launch website to plug anti-evolution book


When I posted before to mention IVP’s new anti-Darwin book, I had no idea they’d launched a website: www.shouldchristiansembraceevolution.com

It’s very comprehensive, and very impressive. IVP (UK) are obviously taking this particular publication very seriously.

Hi David, I went to the web site and looked around. One of the overviews is missing, and the others from Dr Macintosh downwards are shifted so that they do not link with their titles correctly. If you know anyone on the web content team, you might want to pass that on to them. Judging only from several passing references in the quoted materials, it appears that much of the book is structured as an attempt to directly confront Denis Alexander's 2008 book, Creation or Evolution : Do We Have To Choose? Is that the explicit editorial plan of the book? I'm sorry if this was covered in a previous message. Nakashima
Yes, I agree. I too enjoyed a lot. It was like BCSE Vs David and David won. T. lise
Dear David, I followed your thorough investigative reporting on the totally corrupt British Centre for Science Education (BCSE, the equivalent of the equally corrupt NCSE in the US). What ever happened to the BCSE? Do they still exist? GilDodgen

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