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My biology teacher only told me how to feed worms to snakes


Without getting bitten. From Cornelius Hunter at ENST:

Greg Mayer at Jerry Coyne’s website (Why Evolution Is True) posed study questions for learning about evolution. Evolutionists have responded in the “Comment” section with answers to some of the questions (see here, here, and here). Here is what I posted there in response: … But when I posted these few relevant thoughts, they were, after briefly appearing, quickly deleted. That’s unfortunate because these facts would help Coyne’s readers to understand evolution. More.

Okay, you can read Dr. Hunter’s response to Dr. Coyne at ENST in “What your biology teacher didn’t tell you”, elsewhere deleted.

I remember my Grade Seven biology teacher. He had a dry aquarium tank full of snakes. Now and then, they had to be fed. Worms were easy. I do not now recall if he had theories about evolution.

Not sure if that was a problem or if so, why.


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