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Mysterious giant fossil is 450 million years old

pieces of the fossil/Lisa Ventre

And it isn’t even Friday night.

From “Mysterious ‘Monster’ Discovered by Amateur Paleontologist” (ScienceDaily, Apr. 24, 2012), we learn

For 70 years, academic paleontologists have been assisted by a dedicated corps of amateurs known as the Dry Dredgers. Recently, one amateur found a very large and very mysterious fossil that has the professionals puzzled.

Around 450 million years ago, shallow seas covered the Cincinnati region and harbored one very large and now very mysterious organism. Despite its size, no one has ever found a fossil of this “monster” until its discovery by an amateur paleontologist last year.

The fossilized specimen, a roughly elliptical shape with multiple lobes, totaling almost seven feet in length, …

That’s pretty big for the time period (Ordovician), and

Although the team has reached out to other specialists, no one has been able to find any evidence of anything similar having been found. The mystery monster seems to defy all known groups of organisms, Fine said, and descriptions, even pictures, leave people with more questions than answers.

Good. In a world infested with faux pieties about evolution, that’s just what we need.

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