Darwin lobby’s attack site for Expelled movie a yawner

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What is the cultural significance of the sheer dullness of National Center for Science Education’s Expelled attack site?

Is this their idea of an attack site?

Rows and rows of links to the usual suspects who have every reason not to like the film’s message, offering the usual denials and denunciations.

Maybe an Expelled philanthropist should give them a grant to spice it up. After all, their site will be no use for Expelled publicity unless they come up with something better.

But wait … maybe they can’t come up with something better. Does that mean they are losing the culture war?


Will Expelled succeed at the box office?

Expelled: Intellectual property vs. intellectual territorialism

Wanted: Social scientist to study Expelled release

23 Replies to “Darwin lobby’s attack site for Expelled movie a yawner

  1. 1
    DaveScot says:

    Hi Denyse,

    How about doing a short piece on man serving science vs. science serving man? I think Dick to the Dawk and friends have lost touch with which serves the other.

    On the social study you mentioned the response to Expelled don’t leave out a study in contrasts with Flock of Dodos and Judgement Day.

  2. 2
    O'Leary says:

    Actually, Dave, from anything I can tell, the new atheist types think of themselves as a sort of high priesthood of “science.” Thus they would serve science and we would serve them.

    Don’t you agree that that makes it much easier to determine who should sit above the salt?

    “science” – a careful selection from evidence and interpretations thereof that happens to support their views.

  3. 3
    Horace_Worblehat says:

    Perhaps this

    The National Center for Science Education will be posting our full response to the Ben Stein movie Expelled on this site on April 15

    might give you a clue. Since Dr Scott was disinvited to a prescreening, despite appearing in the film, they will have to shell out an admission fee on April 15, or whenever it gets released, to see and respond to it.

  4. 4
    Marie says:

    Actually, they said they were going to unveil a whole design for the site on the 16th.

    Shouldn’t we try not to direct traffic to their site or get their site showing up higher on google? They said their plan is to make it so if someone searches for Expelled on Google, their site is the first to show up.

  5. 5
    poachy says:

    Yawner is the right word. They need less scientists and a few more writers and graphic designers.

  6. 6

    They are most certainly in a war against culture. Whether or not they are loosing I don’t know, though I think they are loosing this battle.

    A lot of bumblers, too.

    It is possible, for example, that while trying to out and “Sternberg” an animator from Vancouver, the evolanders stumbled upon one of the persons behind Age of the Machine–the video they were all praising as being pro-evolander. Just a heads up, I wrote about it today in Dog coincidence.

    Have fun.

  7. 7
    nullasalus says:

    I think they could use some actually persuasive information on there, period. I just browsed the site to see what the criticism is (I haven’t seen the movie yet, myself) – “laughable” comes to mind. Just about every link is ‘Intelligent design is creationism! Did you know some people who were paid for their interviews are angry that they’re in this movie? I don’t think Ben Stein is very funny!’

    Talk about shooting blanks. Engage the movie on its points, be level-headed and fair, and all should be well. Unless the movie has a point after all, and being level-headed and fair is running second place compared to some other goal.

  8. 8
    DeepDesign says:

    I guess all the average person can do is go see the movie (try to go opening weekend) and hope for the best.

  9. 9
    DeepDesign says:

    “The ID guys should be among the traditional Christians’ culture heroes. If they are not, tacit adoption of the elite culture’s materialism is the likely explanation.”

    I’ve been visiting this sight since the spring of 2006. Some people have been pointing this out all along.

  10. 10
    Lutepisc says:

    Great observations, nullasalus!

    (But Gawd, sometimes I think there are more sock puppets than legitimate posters on this site. 🙁

  11. 11
    DaveScot says:


    re; sit above the salt


  12. 12
    DaveScot says:


    I’ve been visiting this sight since the spring of 2006. Some people have been pointing this out all along.

    People have been pointing out all along you’ve been visiting this site since 2006?

    Sorry, the quote-mine devil made me do it…

  13. 13
    Lutepisc says:

    (Thanks, DaveScot. Glad your radar is switched on.)

  14. 14
    DeepDesign says:

    At # 12

    Yes, some have.

    Anyway, I’m not sure what you mean by “quote-mine”.

  15. 15
    tribune7 says:

    National Center for Science Education

    I wonder how many trusting souls thing the National Center for Science Education is a government agency or one sanctioned by the government.

    I think Dembski should change the name of his site from Design Inference to the National Center for Design Inference.

  16. 16
    tribune7 says:

    Actually, they said they were going to unveil a whole design for the site on the 16th.

    If they had the courage of their convictions they’d let it evolve.

    Solely by random mutations and natural selection.

  17. 17

    DaveScot wrote:

    How about doing a short piece on man serving science vs. science serving man?


  18. 18
    Atom says:


    LMAO. Well played. (That is one of my favorite episodes and is usually the one I use to introduce people to the show.)

  19. 19
    jjcassidy says:

    Well said nullasulus. I didn’t give it that much time. I just read some of Colorado CONFIDENTIAL(!) and got halfway down the page and read this:

    This [The lack of a quote from Of Pandas and People] seems a curious omission in a movie seeking to poke holes in evolutionary theory and by doing so establish some scientific credentials for ID.

    The major source of publicizing this movie have been AFAIK, Ben Stein’s tour of the talk market. I can’t ever remember Stein giving that as his angle. The movie’s title is Expelled, it’s clearly more about schools than ID. And everything that I’ve heard from Stein is about the bias in academia. If the NCSE is going to host a site “exposing” Expelled, don’t you think they should do better quality control and pick commentators who can actually follow the plot?

    That’s enough for me. That’s their top link and that’s the depth of comprehension of their “lead” story. Ridiculous.

  20. 20
    Borne says:

    angryoldfatman : “IT’S A COOKBOOK!”

    I love it.
    One of my fav TZ episodes!

  21. 21
    tribune7 says:



    And it hits the nail on the head.

  22. 22
    jstanley01 says:

    Re: “Will Expelled succeed at the box office?”

    Actually, the chart at Hollywood Stock Exchange is starting to look bullish.

  23. 23
    teleologist_ says:

    Does anyone know when the movie will be released in Canada?

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