Intelligent Design

This Non Scientific Claim Regularly Appears in Evolutionary Peer Reviewed Papers

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Early in the twentieth century scientists studied blood immunity and how immune reaction could be used to compare species. The blood studies tended to produce results that parallel the more obvious indicators such as body plan. That is, humans are more closely related to apes than to fish or rabbits. These findings were soon proclaimed to be powerful confirmations of evolution. In 1923 evolution professor H. H. Lane cited this evidence as supporting “the fact of evolution.” This evidence would become another icon of evolution, lasting well through the twentieth century. In their 1976 text Evolution: Process and Product Edward Dodson and Peter Dodson argued that only evolution can explain the blood immunity data (which by the way is a non scientific claim to begin with, but that’s another story). Likewise Tim Berra argued from the blood immunity data in his 1990 Evolution and the Myth of Creationism. But the congruence that evolutionists celebrated was fleeting. Under the hood biology was not so cooperative.  Read more

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