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New ID Blog ‘Design Disquisitions’ Now Online


Back in November of last year, I published a post announcing a new ID blog I was working on. This post is to let UD readers know that I have now put the blog online. Do pop in and have a look around! There isn’t much material to look at yet, though there are a few static pages with further information on, that may be of interest. I will be adding additional pages and will begin putting a few articles up shortly. I will be highlighting some of the main pages in turn also. Please do head over and let me know what you think of the look etc. either here or on my page. I would appreciate the feedback. I’m trying to keep it streamlined and not too fancy, so I’m not worried about it being an extravagant multimedia webpage.

The first page to head to is the ‘About‘ page, which gives a bit of info about the whole thing.




Thanks for the suggestions :) Joshua G
Thanks Joshua -- that's great and I see it now and will add your blog to my own blog. I do suggest you also put Discovery on the front page since they are probably the most prominent ID organization (no offense UD). ayearningforpublius
Ok, thanks. I didn't catch the links page. Looks good. One book you might consider adding to your library - an oldie from 1913. The Fitness of the Environment, an Inquiry Into the Biological Significance of the Properties of Matter Lawrence J. Henderson Michael Denton referenced it recently. I've been enjoying it - a fascinating argument. You'll find the full PDF on archive.org or jstore.org Silver Asiatic
You'd be hard pressed to find anything I've missed in terms of blogs and websites but if I have missed anything do let me know. Apart from putting up my own articles, my aim is to gather together everything I can find so it's the biggest ID storehouse on the web. If you head to the links page the DI's Centre for Science and Culture is one of the first on the list. I'm keeping the links page for websites but putting blogs on the blogroll on the right hand side. As for why I'm giving anti-ID websites and blogs publicity, my main purpose in doing that is so I can keep a tab on what's going on in the anti-ID camp. Nothing to fear in giving the other side airtime. It's the 'Keep your friends close but your opponents closer' principle. Joshua G
AYP, I misunderstood. KF kairosfocus
KF @8 I have been to Discovery Institute in Seattle. But where are they on this new blog? ayearningforpublius
No, AYFP meant where is the DI on the list of links? I also wondered about the selection of anti-ID sites (Behe Fails Weblog, Eye on the ICR, etc) ... there are quite a lot more than that to add if interested, but why give them publicity? Silver Asiatic
Thanks very much. Yes I wanted to make that clear early on. Joshua G
Joshua: Very good work! :) I specially appreciated this:
Why am I saying all this? Because I want to emphasise that my views on ID and Darwinism are not the result of a perceived conflict between my faith and modern evolutionary theory. My position is not theologically motivated and I’m not trying to gain apologetic millage from ID to shore up my weak faith.
That is my position too. gpuccio
AYP, Seattle. KF kairosfocus
Maybe I've missed it, but where is the Discovery Institute? ayearningforpublius
Thanks Eric. Yes I've gathered together a ton of material already and more to come soon. I hope it's of use. Joshua G
Wow, lots of work! I look forward to perusing the materials. Congratulations on getting this underway! Eric Anderson
Thanks Mung and Upright BiPed. I'll try and sort that out :) Joshua G
google: html new window target _blank cheers Mung
Congratulations Joshua, nicely done. (...and thanks for the link). One small suggestion: you might consider having your outbound links open a new tab instead of replacing your page in the browser. Upright BiPed
That's quite a project Joshua! Congratulations. Mung

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