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Not all mammals are “warm-blooded”


From BBC:

One of the most extreme heterotherms is the Arctic ground squirrel.

In a classic paper that made the front cover of Science in 1989, physiologist Brian Barnes of the University of Alaska Fairbanks studied the squirrels during hibernation. He found that they drop their core body temperature below zero, in one instance to -2.9C, without freezing solid.
“It’s hard to get much more cold-blooded than that,” says Boyles. More.

You’d have to live there.

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Bein warm blooded is a trivial trait. However important. It should not be used to classify biology. in fact I say there are no such creatures as mammals. IGod didn't create the mammal division. Only KINDS with like traits for like needs. Yet don't limp them together. Likewise evolutionism does because of the common descent fable. Body temp is not a big deal in biology relative to important information organization in biology. Robert Byers

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