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We’re all scientists now? Actually, not enough of us are!


Another self-referential piece from New Yorker:

Science is not a major or a career. It is a commitment to a systematic way of thinking, an allegiance to a way of building knowledge and explaining the universe through testing and factual observation. The thing is, that isn’t a normal way of thinking. It is unnatural and counterintuitive. It has to be learned. Scientific explanation stands in contrast to the wisdom of divinity and experience and common sense. Common sense once told us that the sun moves across the sky and that being out in the cold produced colds. But a scientific mind recognized that these intuitions were only hypotheses. They had to be tested. (Atul Gawande)


Science is a normal way of thinking. Not the only one, just one of the more successful ones. When it is in conflict with divinity (?), wisdom, or common sense, it is usually wrong.

Not always, to be sure. But one can’t make a career out of lucky counterintuitive guesses.

See also: Peer review: New Yorker asks, Is the field of psychology biased against conservatives? Apparently, the New Yorker was the last to know. Is it one of Condé Nast’s charities?

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I think science is also a normal way of thinking. The thing that is a gain here is about the science problem. Does it exist? If its normal thinking then why the special classification.? Science was TRULY about conclusions. It was saying THESE conclusions were founded on a higher standard of investigation. That investigation having its elements. Including testing etc etc. So anything smart is said to be scientific. The science of war, art, love etc. Science means nothing unless it proves its conclusions are based on a high standard of investigation. ID is science. YEC is science in its criticisms but not its assertions(which are based on the bible) and evolutionism is science IF it is based on this standard of investigation. Yes science is real relative to ordinary investigation, (which itself is pretty good). Its all about its methodology and then conclusions can be said to be scientific. I would add the conclusions should never have been seen as settled because they were from science. That has been a flaw also. its just people thinking about things. Think in the STANDARD with its rules and One is a scientist.Robert Byers
June 13, 2016
07:27 PM

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