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NPR Gives Sternberg Respectful Treatment



So Howard van Til and Del Ratzch are secular humanists? Better call up Calvin College and let them know! hlwarren
Would "whale turd" have been better? Or are all slang references to the products of vertebrate solid-waste disposal off limits? I am close personal friends with a Marine combat veteran, who on more that one occasion has had me ROFLMAO literally with his to-the-point and inventive use of (how to I put this?) "off-color English expressions." So, in the interests of discussing issues within the full range of that which the English language is capable, I'd lobby for a "jarhead exception" to the "no cussing rule." DaveScot's use of "whale [expletive deleted]" makes for a good example in support of this exception ... there being at rest upon the earth's crust nothing lower ... dchammer
The USMC isn't exactly well known for avoiding swear words and in the interest of maintaining authenticity in a colorful and common jarhead expression of contempt I thought the commonly used word for excrement wasn't overly egregious. I shall bite my tongue with all due respect for the blog owner's wishes in the future. Semper Fi. DaveScot
hlwarren, I'm of the opinion that many of the opponents of ID are religiously motivated. I mean the religion of Secular Humanism of course. Bombadill
DaveScot: hlwarren is right. Behave yourself. --WmAD William Dembski
I thought the story was quite good. Fair and balanced, don't you know. Maybe I mis-remember, but I think Sternberg said he thought Meyer's argument was flawed, but still worth publishing. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of ID, but it is the open-mindedness that is the goal, no? The previous comments on this page are puzzling to me. If ID is not about religion, why the discussion of Eugenie Scott's faith or lack thereof? Aren't there theists who think ID is pseudo-science? Guys like Howard van Til and Del Ratzch have issues with ID, don't they? How does their theological position motivate them? Also, I thought profanity and vularity were grounds for expulsion from this blog (a rule I like). Why does DaveScot get a pass? hlwarren
Ah, it all becomes crystal clear then. Bombadill
She's an atheist, who believes that religion can be reconciled with undirected evolution. If you go to the pandamonium game, she encapsulates the panda that says " I may be an atheist, but undirected evolution is wonderfully compatible with devout astraught faith." She was also reported to be one of the signatories of the humanist maifesto, along side Shermer and Dawkins. Benjii
Out of curiosity... does anyone know Eugenie Scott's theological position? I'm guessing she's an atheist, but I could be wrong. Bombadill
Wesley Elsberry in a real-life remake of "The Bird Man of Alcatraz"? Don't tease me, Bill! :-) DaveScot
The attached link leads to a Freedom of Information Act letter generator complete with FOI details. It's easy and fun for the whole family... http://www.rcfp.org/foi_letter/generate.php lpadron
I understand that the emails from the NCSE to the Smithsonian people as well as emails internal to the Smithsonian meant to derail Sternberg's career are in the hands not just of the OSC but also of certain congressman, e.g., Mark Souder of Indiana. It would be illuminating to see these emails (I'm told they are juicy and highly incriminating). Anybody care to step up to the plate and pursue their public release under freedom of information?? William Dembski
If Scott had added "despite our best efforts" to her litany of "he hasn't lost his job, etc." it might have approached the truth... jimbo
I wonder...is Eugenie Scott's inability to approach this subject with any semblance of honesty best explained by ID or it's slowly dying counterpart? lpadron
How low are the staff of the National Center for Selling Evolution (NCSE) http://www.ncseweb.org/ourstaff.asp for plotting to destroy the career of Rick Sternberg? As we say in the United States Marine Corps - lower than whale shit. Pardon my french. DaveScot

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