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Proof of Darwinism at last! The babyface dog!

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Pop science media tried to spin this as an “evolution” story, which is ridiculous:

Recent research has focused on a minor difference between dogs and wolves which might help explain why dogs are loved and wolves are not:

In the first detailed analysis comparing the anatomy and behavior of dogs and wolves, researchers found that the facial musculature of both species was similar, except above the eyes. Dogs have a small muscle, which allows them to intensely raise their inner eyebrow, which wolves do not. The authors suggest that the inner eyebrow raising movement triggers a nurturing response in humans because it makes the dogs’ eyes appear larger, more infant like and also resembles a movement humans produce when they are sad. Paper.(open access) Juliane Kaminski, Bridget M. Waller, Rui Diogo, Adam Hartstone-Rose, Anne M. Burrows. Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, June 17, 2019; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1820653116

University of Portsmouth, “The evolution of puppy dog eyes” at ScienceDaily

Dr. Kaminski had found earlier that dogs moved their eyebrows much more if humans were looking at them.

And what about wolves? The muscle that allows dogs to raise their eyebrows is “a scant, irregular cluster of fibres” in wolves. She notes,

“This is a striking difference for species separated only 33,000 years ago and we think that the remarkably fast facial muscular changes can be directly linked to dogs’ enhanced social interaction with humans.”

“The raised inner eyebrow movement in dogs is driven by a muscle which doesn’t consistently exist in their closest living relative, the wolf. University of Portsmouth, “The evolution of puppy dog eyes” at ScienceDaily

In this case, “evolution” appears to mean that, over tens of millennia, humans embellished “a scant, irregular cluster of fibres” by selective breeding of dogs people like … More.Those Puppy Dog Eyes Are No Accident” at Mind Matters News

Would you be shocked to learn that babyface dogs are more likely to be adopted at shelters?

See also: Dogs are more like humans than chimpanzees are (in certain psychological senses – that’s why so many people have dogs and almost no one has a chimpanzee)


A Top Anthropology Finding Of Year Show Humans Cognitively Closer To Dogs Than Chimps (2017)

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If you have EVER been stared at by a dog giving you the "puppy-dog eyes", you KNOW why humans like dogs. Puppy-dog eyes "say", wordlessly, "PLEASE, Daddy, I REALLY gotta go outside NOW!!" This is distinctly different than the smiling eyes that go with both forelegs on the ground and CLEARLY say, "Wanna PLAY?!! I REALLY wanna play NOW!!" Dogs simply BELONG in a man-pack. They want us. We want them. Come on, come on, come on!! Let's go chase down a musk ox!! The only problem is HOLDING THEM BACK, not getting them to FOLLOW. And then they want to cuddle up as close as they can to you when they fall asleep. We were designed to be parts of the same team. vmahuna
Yeah they had this up on evolution news already. You should probably put the study in the bin with all the others about the power of oxytocin and puppy dog faces and the magic of puppy dog faces, oh wait you already did AaronS1978

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