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I don't know, Dr Torley (re #178). I'm pretty sure that most or all of the now-teenagers on the island would be choosing opposite gender partners. Not to be too graphic, but even when I was in the "girls have cooties" stage, I liked looking at a Playboy magazine when I stumbled upon a copy at the neighbors house. That attraction seemed pretty natural to me. Can't speak of the opposite attraction, because I never felt it. feebish
Not hard to imagine. Charlie
I deleted Doran's comment because it was yet another instance of the trite and easy dismissals of ID that I find elsewhere and that I've answered in my writings. If you want to be critical of ID on this blog, tell me something I haven't seen before. I spent the last three months as an expert witness in the Dover case pouring over the expert witness reports of all the usual suspects on the other side (Miller, Forrest, Pennock, etc.) and responding to them at length -- I expect I'll be posting these reports on my designinference.com website soon. Try to imagine that I might be well informed about what the other side is saying. Try also to imagine that I'm easily bored by what they are saying. William Dembski

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