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Remember “evolve already? Now this …

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At Enlightenment Next, we learn from physicist Brian Swimme,

This is the greatest discovery of the scientific enterprise: You take hydrogen gas, and you leave it alone, and it turns into rosebushes, giraffes, and humans.

Which is happening everywhere in the universe at a pace we can account for. Or maybe not.

See also “Evolve already?”

Wow! Where do these guys come up with such stuff? "Look at an oak tree, look at a wasp, look at a rhinoceros. The beauty of those forms came out through this whole system of natural selection in the past. But the way they’ll look in the future is going to be determined primarily by how they interact with us. Because we’re everywhere. We’ve become powerful. We are the planetary dynamic at this large-scale level. So can we wake up to this FACT and then reinvent ourselves at the level of knowledge and wisdom that’s required?" Needless to say, that is a very loose way to use the term "FACT". I'm interested in knowing how these guys know what they claim to know. How do the learn these "FACTS"? Let's start by verifying the "FACT" before jumping into his evotheology that deifies the universe. tjguy
... this is just another example of the anti-rational woo-woo mindset that the (foul-mouthed) comedian Dane Cook mocks in his atheist-who-will-be-a-tree routine. Ilion
What a load of non-sensical "woo-woo” we see in that article. Consider just this: Swimme:… All of the elements of our body, every one of them, was forged out of a star. Walt Whitman had an intuition about this when he said, “A leaf of grass is no less than the journeywork of the stars.” And you think, how did he come up with that? Well, that’s called self-knowledge. In other words, a star gave birth to the elements that then assembled themselves in the form of Walt Whitman. So you could say that Walt Whitman had a deep memory of where he came from.WIE:That’s an amazing intuition.Swimme:Isn’t that something? How could he write that down? …Ilion
Of course, it's not "cannot," it's "will not." Ilion
And, as Granville Sewell says, it also turns into computers, jet aircraft, and skyscrapers. Since a completely materialistic view of the universe has to include a materialistic explanation for the existence of all of human technology, which of course would be the products of material brains residing in human skulls, what they must believe is that the laws of physics, when left alone with a lot of hydrogen, eventually become all of the above. That even very, very smart men and women cannot see the patent absurdity of such a belief is quite stunning. Bruce David

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