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Remember that bogus petition against teaching evolution in US schools? Sponsored by Global Citizen of the Year…

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<em>Coffee</em> Tins It would have looked great as a three-dollar bill. A number of high-profile Darwinians ended up passing it around.

David Klinghoffer updates the story at Evolution News & Views:

I called out the Darwin activists who were promoting this “news,” including Michael Zimmerman of the Clergy Letter Project. Well, they’re back and defending themselves and each other.

P.Z. Myers now agrees with me that “Joe Hannon” is a fake name — used, he informs us, by an often-banned Internet troll from Manchester, England, who haunts blog comments sections under a variety of pseudonyms. Myers cites University of Toronto’s Larry Moran, saying that “Hannon” is “a holocaust denier. He used to run a business ‘selling components — just nuts and bolts — to the Iranian nuclear and missile industries’ but it was shut down because of sanctions. Now he rants against British conspiracies.” Oh. More.

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Nothing like a little friendly fire to liven things up, right?

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