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Rise of Rockies helps explain North American mammal evolution?


From ScienceDaily:

Paleontologists have documented how dramatic shifts in climate have led to dramatic shifts in evolution. One such event, the Grande Coupure, was a wipeout of many European mammal species 33.9 million years ago when global temperatures and precipitation declined sharply. What has been puzzling is that during the same transition between the Eocene and Oligocene periods, North American mammals fared much better. A new study explains why: the rise of the Rocky Mountains, already underway for millions of years, had predisposed populations to adapt to a cold, dry world.

In Europe, meanwhile, tectonic developments weren’t a major factor driving local climate. When the global climate change happened, that continent’s mammals were evolutionary sitting ducks. Other studies have already suggested that Europe’s mammals were largely overrun and outcompeted by Asian mammals that were already living in colder and drier conditions. More.

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All myth and based on poor data. In fact its only been a few thousand years. After the flood the world was tropical. then a few centures later it went quick cold. this is what killed off the mammals in the north areas etc It was the ice age (or rather freezing rain age) and this lased a few centuries and then was over. In time for migrations of man. The rookies were created during the flood year. Robert Byers
The Great Plains of North America offered refuge during the Grand Coupure. Europe, crisscrossed by Murs & Mountains was an Evolutionary death trap. Oui? Oh Evolution, you are beautiful but so cruel. ppolish
Rockies vs Alps. Survival of the fittest showdown. Evo Theory is exciting. ppolish
Reminds me of Pulp Fiction. "Know what they call the Big Smack in France?" "No, what?" "The Grande Coupure." polistra

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