5 Replies to “Sat nite fun: Orchids with monkey faces

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    Box says:

    Here (scroll down) are even more animal faces / bodies presented by orchids. Truly amazing.

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    wd400 says:

    No, this time we are not going to say it, you say it.

    Say what? Our brains are very keen on seeking patterns? Or that quite specific patterns can arise without their being aimed for?

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    Querius says:

    Or some intelligent designer wanted to have some fun on a boring evening. 😉

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    bornagain77 says:

    as to:

    Or that quite specific patterns can arise without their being aimed for?

    Well do you have observational evidence that even one protein of the pattern can arise without being aimed for? Since you don’t have observational evidence for even that trivial level, why should we believe that this beautiful pattern, comprising billions upon billions of proteins, if not trillions, was the organized into such a beautiful pattern by chance?


    Hammer Orchid and Wasps – video

    Wild Orchids of Israel: Seduction of the Long-horned Bee (Irreducible Complexity) – video

    The Law of Physicodynamic Insufficiency – Dr David L. Abel – November 2010
    Excerpt: “If decision-node programming selections are made randomly or by law rather than with purposeful intent, no non-trivial (sophisticated) function will spontaneously arise.”,,, After ten years of continual republication of the null hypothesis with appeals for falsification, no falsification has been provided. The time has come to extend this null hypothesis into a formal scientific prediction: “No non trivial algorithmic/computational utility will ever arise from chance and/or necessity alone.”

    Is Life Unique? David L. Abel – January 2012
    Concluding Statement: The scientific method itself cannot be reduced to mass and energy. Neither can language, translation, coding and decoding, mathematics, logic theory, programming, symbol systems, the integration of circuits, computation, categorizations, results tabulation, the drawing and discussion of conclusions. The prevailing Kuhnian paradigm rut of philosophic physicalism is obstructing scientific progress, biology in particular. There is more to life than chemistry. All known life is cybernetic. Control is choice-contingent and formal, not physicodynamic.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Crazy living rock is one of the weirdest creatures we’ve ever seen – Jun 2012

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