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Templeton’s Love Affair with Evolution

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This just in from the Templeton Foundation. They’re convinced that all informed scientific criticism of evolutionary theory died long ago. Check out especially the following link: www.templeton.org/evolution.

Does evolution explain human nature?

Three distinguished scholars explored this Big Question during a recent discussion sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, Yale University, and Discover magazine. The panel featured Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University; Laurie Santos, a Yale psychologist and primate specialist; and David Sloan Wilson, an evolutionary theorist at Binghamton University. The discussion was moderated by Corey Powell, editor and chief of Discover, and was based on a recent JTF Big Questions essay series, which can be found online at www.templeton.org/evolution.

Video clips from the discussion are now available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel and by clicking the links at right.

Communications Department
John Templeton Foundation

I am currently reading Suzan Mazur's _Altenberg 16…_. Those invited to the conference contend that the neo-Darwinian synthesis is in trouble. Perhaps fifty years from now the Templeton Foundation will be touting the theories of structuralists, as long as they don't impose the idea that God had anything to do with it, while at the same time, reward those who still have some kind of faith in spite of his absence. Even Kierkegaard would revolt at this notion. toc

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