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The College Board Exams (Darwin-only evolution) meets COVID-19


Readers may recall that independent journalist Suzan Mazur showed recently that the College Board testing on evolution knowledge among U.S. students seems to test mainly for familiarity with the Darwin sect’s interpretation thereof. Just what one might expect of a useless, entitled bureaucracy, but we digress. She pursued the matter:

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine lists College Board as 1 of 20 sponsors of its Board on Science Education (BOSE)—which, along with its Board on Higher Education and the Workforce (BHEW), hosted a March 5 webinar on K-12 education. I listened-in to the webinar and submitted a written question for comment related to my recent College Board natural selection racket story. That story, by the way, was emailed weeks prior to the webinar to BOSE director Heidi Schweingruber—a psychologist/anthropologist—and to other BOSE staff, as well as to College Board’s senior management, its board of trustees and its AP Biology content developers. And to teachers across America.

Suzan Mazur, “(w/Audio) NAS K-12 Study Chair re “College Board Natural Selection Racket”” at Oscillations

Well, we can spare you the suspense, dear readers, by revealing that they weren’t thrilled to hear a critical question.

Philosopher Robert Floden (Michigan State) responded and basically punted the question. You can read and hear it for yourself but Mazur, author of Darwin Overthrown: Hello, Mechanobiology, ends by reflecting on the costs of outdated evolution education in an age when evolution means, among other things, where viruses go and what they do, which the traditional lectern bash for Darwin never even tried to cover (viruses were not held to be living things).

Maybe (COVID-19), will produce one of the needed shakeups.

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