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COVID-19 pandemic and zoonotic diseases (via animals)

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We haven’t, he thinks, paid enough attention to diseases transmitted via animals (zoonotic diseases):

For decades, Carroll has been a leading voice about the threat of zoonotic spillover, the transmission of pathogens from nonhuman animals to us. Scientists are confident the current outbreak, which began in Wuhan, China, stemmed from a virus inherent in bats. In 2009, after years of studying infectious diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Carroll formed a USAID program called PREDICT, where he guided trailblazing research into viruses hiding, and waiting to emerge, in animals around the world…

Could the transmission have resulted from people eating the wildlife?

Typically the preparation of the animal is where you have exposure. By the time it’s cooked and prepared, the virus would have been dead. It’s more common that transmission is through the animal shedding or people slaughtering the animal, when they’re exposed to bodily fluids, blood, and secretions. With the avian influenza from poultry, a lot of the exposure and infections go back to the preparation of chicken for cooking. In Egypt, for instance, when you look at who was infected, more common than not it was a woman, directly responsible for slaughtering and preparing the animal…

Viruses live on a delicate balance, don’t they? They have to be able to thrive without killing their host.

Right. The ones that kill off their host quickly will disappear. With the SARS virus, it’s no surprise that killing 10 percent of its host, it wasn’t able to establish itself as a pandemic virus on this planet.

Kevin Berger, “The Man Who Saw the Pandemic Coming” at Nautilus

It’s good to read information for once, rather than panic guidelines. The bad news, as you will learn, among other things, when you read the rest of the interview, is that precisely because COVID-19 is much less lethal than SARS, it is apt to be around longer.

See also: Michael Behe muses on design and COVID-19 Behe: … most viruses do not affect humans and may well have a positive, necessary role to play in nature of which we are currently unaware. (I would bet on it.) From time to time a storm arises in the virosphere and affects humans. But that’s no reason to think either that viruses weren’t designed or that the designer of viruses isn’t good.

COVID-19 is as intelligent as our darwinian friends, because according to them, they are nothing more than big viruses/ meat-robots. We all strive towards nothing. Truthfreedom

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