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Would 3-D virtual fossils speed up research?


And would everyone think that was a good thing? They’re here but not as popular as you might think. Many paleontologists fear losing control of the story:

One of the characteristics of information is that, unlike matter and energy, it is not reduced by being shared. And when it is shared, it can generate new information. Of course, some well-sourced new information may contradict earlier ideas or even important beliefs. “Are 3-D Virtual Fossils a Boon or a Threat?” at Mind Matters

See also: Thousands of Cambrian fossils discovered in China, new to science We are told that this Qingjiang discovery is important for its diversity, especially of cnidarians (corals and jellies). The new fossils represent a different ecology from previous discoveries in China at Chengjiang. The Cambrian era seems to have been more complex than thought.


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