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“Animation Infringement” . . . or do you mean “Taste Infringement”?

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This thread is addressed to the animators of The Machine Video (where Dawkins does an Eminem routine) as well as any other talented flash/video animators. Perhaps you could put together a spoof of the PZ Myers’ “plagiarism” allegation (go here) that borrows from the Coca-Cola ads where the idiots from Coca-Cola are trying to get a lawyer to sue Coke Zero for “taste infringement.” It might play well on YouTube the week before the release. Who knows, maybe Coca-Cola will then sue EXPELLED — now that would really generate interest in the film!

William Dembski, Are you available via email for a few questions? I was not able to find your email on the site for some reason. Thanks, J jjeez
There is now an EXPELLED "EXPOSED" website. As everyone already knew (myself included) this was bound to get nasty. Whenever you deal with the Big Questions. DeepDesign
The Beware the Believers vid maker finally got himself found. There was a pretty obvious trail of crumbs leading back to him which, to keep the buzz going, disappeared within moments of being blogged. This is who it was: http://www.linkedin.com/in/medmondson He was employed by Premise Media. Now there's a shocker. He was listed in teh movie credits and FtK bless her heart found a perfect match of a picture of his dog on his website to the dog in the machine video. William Wallace cleaned it up enough to remove all doubt. Kudos William and FtK! DaveScot
Just say that it appears to be the same film. But it is just due to chance over millions of years. And if you think otherwise you are an ignorant rube. geoffrobinson
I think the funniest thing about the Machine video is the caricature of Hitchens with that giant cigarette or joint in his mouth. And his facial expression in the picture they used is so distraught. Frost122585
That's a double-plus good idea there, wnelson! jjcassidy
Harvard better keep that footage a little closer to their chest. Wouldn't want the stupid little people getting [or being given] the unapproved interpretation. So many dangerous ways of interpreting the truth. wnelson

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