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One-stop shop for reactions to EXPELLED


With so many extreme reviews and reactions to Ben Stein’s EXPELLED, it’s hard to get a sense of proportion about the film. To that end, check out:


For what it's worth here's my brief exchange with Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel: "I enjoyed your review of Stein's expelled. It brought to mind two questions: 1. Your poor grade of the film seems based on your belief that Stein and company aren't telling the truth about evolution/Darwinism. Yet, you gave "Sicko" and "An Inconvenient Truth" high marks despite the repeatedly demonstrated multiple misrepresentations of truth in those documentaries. How do you explain this inconsistency? 2. Given that the underqualified scientists in the film are more qualified than you (or I) to determine whether Darwin's theory has problems shouldn't you withhold judgement on their qualifications in favor of a review of the film's quality and whether or not it's well made?thx..." Moore: "Golly, Padron; You must be getting your "facts" from one of those fact-challenged websites. Staggering amounts of data confirming pretty much EVERY WORD in Inconvenient Truth continues to pour out. In fact, today's Orlando Sentinel has three more stories backing up the thesis of that film. And the only people quibbling with Sicko were insurance and HMO mouthpieces and their Congressional lackies. Sooo, care to back up your remarks with anything other than the usual bull? RM" Me: "Of course. I've no problem with what you've suggested but before proceeding would you please answer my questions above: 1) your review of the movie is based on what you believe are misrepresentations by the film and 2) are you less or more qualified less qualified than the scientists interviewed in the film? thx., lpadron" Moore never replied and after a few snide blog entries, shut the thread down. lpadron
Actually I thought Gloppy did the best job reviewing the reviews. I'm still laughing at him comparing the 3 star average to the average number of testicles on humans. DaveScot

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