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This just in from David Snoke:

University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Philosophy of Science is also running a conference on design themes in biology April 15-16:

If you are coming to the Annual meeting April 15-16, consider extending your stay to come a little earlier and depart a little later. The world-renowned Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science is having a meeting that runs through the day on Friday and in the afternoon on Saturday. Details here. Some relevant ideas unpacked here.

From David Snoke at the Christian Scientific Society:

Annual Meeting is in two weeks; late registration fees apply starting next week

The annual meeting is coming up soon, in less than two weeks! This year we are applying a late registration fee, as we had a boatload of late registrations last year which made it hard to plan.

Students with valid ID are still free, but students who register late or on-site will not receive registration packets.

More about plenary speaker Robin Collins:

Professor Robin Collins is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Messiah College in Pennsylvania and chair of the philosophy department. He earned his PhD in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and has graduate-level training in theoretical physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has written over forty substantial articles and book chapters in philosophy with some of the leading academic presses and has given invited talks at many colleges and universities, such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, and Yale University. He has appeared on several nationally broadcast programs such as the PBS show Closer to Truth. Professor Collins has recently been working on showing that the universe is not only fine-tuned for life, but also fine-tuned to optimize our ability to do science. He recently received a $217,000 grant from the John Templeton Foundation for finishing work in this original area of research.

Full abstracts and bios of the speakers

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    GaryGaulin says:

    This is too painful to read. The money is clearly in staying OUT OF SCIENCE:

    What a waste of time this was:

  2. 2
    RexTugwell says:

    What a waste of time this was:

    Finally Gary says something upon which we can all agree

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