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Gene regulation: “More complex than previously thought”

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gene expression controls/ArneLH

From Health Canal :

“One interpretation of our results is that the active transcription initiation keeps the regulatory system out of equilibrium. This is fun because it means that we need to start thinking about gene regulation beyond the simple picture given by equilibrium statistical mechanics”, says Dr. Petter Hammar one of the key researchers behind the study.

It is at present unclear how the finding generalizes to other genes and organisms, but the fact that the researchers find interesting deviations in the first system they look at implies that it is not unlikely that it is important in many cases. The single molecule method developed by the Uppsala researchers can be used to explore also these cases.

No, you are not in a time warp. Pure lack of imaginatin causes us to keep reusing expressions like “more complex,” “older,” “earlier” than thought. Whyever anyone still thinks otherwise is another question. 😉

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    tjguy says:

    “More complex than previously thought”

    A common refrain found in many evolutionary papers!

    Yet, their faith is always sufficient to the challenge!

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