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Girl got mostly a double set of her dad’s genes, is almost his twin


File:DNA simple.svg From Dan Vergano at Buzzfeed:

When she was 9 years old, a genetic test revealed that she had two identical copies of a rare gene. At first, the scientists thought it was extremely bad luck, inheriting the same super-rare gene twice, once from each parent.

But as it turned out, the rare gene was, “surprisingly, not in her mother,” wrote the scientific team, led by Irena Borgulová of the Centre for Medical Genetics and Reproductive Medicine Gennet in Prague. Which meant she had inherited two copies of her father’s gene.

Subsequent testing showed that it wasn’t just that one gene — she had doubled up on her father’s genes in almost all of her chromosomes in most of her cells.

The girl is not quite a twin of her father, but what’s known as a genetic “mosaic,” showing variation in different tissues. Only about 7% of her blood cells, for example, showed any maternal genes. And 74% of the cells in her saliva held only paternal genes.a href=”https://www.buzzfeed.com/danvergano/imprinted-genes-father-case-study?utm_term=.rk9KkdEOpJ#.ekGoJz70lX” target=”another”>More.

She has some problems but she is 11 years old. Yes, that was the sound of another lectern splintering in the near distance.

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