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Global Warming Roaring 20’s Style

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The Washington Times reports there was a global warming scare in the 1920’s and 1930’s.


Only problem is, shortly after the scare global temps trended downward for decades.

As Dave says, the global warming house of cards is about to come down.

And how about this: "The new research confirms the current sweeping out of the Tasman Sea past Tasmania and towards the South Atlantic is a previously undetected component of the world climate system’s engine-room – the thermohaline circulation or ‘global conveyor belt’." In the very last sentence of this article from PhysOrg.com, they talk about how these effects can now be included into climate models. I can't wait! Isn't it fun being a "denialist"! :) PaV
As Dave says, the global warming house of cards is about to come down. Don't underestimate the tenacity of fanaticism. Jon Jackson
When global warming goes extinct, I wonder if anyone will dare make the association between GW and NDE? As in, they're both full of hot air, and oh by the way, we told you so! Honestly, if Sheryl Crow is driving around garnering support for your "science", I think it's time to pack it in. Darwin is in deep trouble though when GW is dead. The public in general will have a tough time trusting scientists who “know it all” and the little darwiniacs running around might actually have to engage in open scientific discussion about their beloved faith. shaner74

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