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Warming Revives Flora and Fauna in Greenland


HT to Phil Johnson for giving me the link.

As I’ve been saying, Global Warming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Check this out…

Warming Revives Flora and Fauna in Greenland

October 28, 2007
The New York Times

NARSARSUAQ, Greenland — A strange thing is happening at the edge of Poul Bjerge’s forest, a place so minute and unexpected that it brings to mind the teeny plot of land Woody Allen’s father carries around in the film “Love and Death.”

Its four oldest trees — in fact, the four oldest pine trees in Greenland, named Rosenvinge’s trees after the Dutch botanist who planted them in a mad experiment in 1893 — are waking up. After lapsing into stately, sleepy old age, they are exhibiting new sprinklings of green at their tops, as if someone had glued on fresh needles.

“The old ones, they’re having a second youth,” said Mr. Bjerge, 78, who has watched the forest, called Qanasiassat, come to life, in fits and starts, since planting most of the trees in it 50 years ago. He beamed like a proud grandson. “They’re growing again.”

When using the words “growing” in connection with Greenland in the same sentence, it is important to remember that although Greenland is the size of Europe, it has only nine conifer forests like Mr. Bjerge’s, all of them cultivated. It has only 51 farms. (They are all sheep farms, although one man is trying to raise cattle. He has 22 cows.) Except for potatoes, the only vegetables most Greenlanders ever eat — to the extent that they eat vegetables at all — are imported, mostly from Denmark.

But now that the climate is warming, it is not just old trees that are growing. A Greenlandic supermarket is stocking locally grown cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage this year for the first time. Eight sheep farmers are growing potatoes commercially. Five more are experimenting with vegetables. And Kenneth Hoeg, the region’s chief agriculture adviser, says he does not see why southern Greenland cannot eventually be full of vegetable farms and viable forests.

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great read.......i constantly wonder why there are not more articles on the benefits of Global Warming. One would think that nothing good comes of warming....even though we have benefited greatly from warming for thousands of years. interested
ellazimm Colds and flu are predominantly cold weather illnesses and while they are mere annoyances for younger people colds and flu are killers for old people. It's thought that in the final balance more lives will be spared because of a warmer globe than will be lost because of it. Old people when they retire don't flock to Michigan or North Dakota. They bail out of cold states and head for warm states like Arizona and Florida. That's because cold weather extracts a far higher toll on the aged human body than does warm weather. DaveScot

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