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Everyone is talking Neanderthal these days, but get a load of the new guy on the block …


In “DNA reveals Neanderthal extinction clues” (BBC News February 27, 2012),
Paul Rincon reports on the recent finding that Neanderthals died out in Europe about 50,000 years ago ( covered here, noting the severely degraded DNA used):

“The fact that Neanderthals in Europe were nearly extinct, but then recovered, and that all this took place long before they came into contact with modern humans, came as a complete surprise,” said lead author Love Dalen, from the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

“This indicates that the Neanderthals may have been more sensitive to the dramatic climate changes that took place in the last Ice Age than was previously thought.”

What’s really interesting is the graphic. The artist, far from trying to portray the Neanderthal as a brute beast, shows him wearing a shell amulet, sporting (tribal?) chest stripes, and looking alert and intelligent. It seems more likely somehow.

This adjustment does not bode well for Darwinism because Darwinism needs a half ape Neanderthal (evidence of the ascent of man and all that). A Neanderthal that you wish was a guide at the local hunting lodge is more likely to make the rest of us feel stupid and inadequate than feel that we are one with the chimpanzees.

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They seem to be catching up with the anthropologists, who, even when I studied Anthropology I in 1968, were teaching that hunter-gatherer peoples should not be understood as primitive, as they were always extremely intelligently-adapted to their environment. A lesson, apparently, that our special service forces are taught. So there is some kind of parallel in this exaggerated self-accreditation, a kind of continuum of folly, involved. Aldous Huxley had pointed out in an essay that the 'advances' of advanced civilisations were a function of the disposition of the people's hearts, not the level of their intelligence. Anyone with eyes to see cannot avoid acknowledging that advances in the sphere of science have been achieved almost excusively within monotheistic cultures, and by far the most notably, Judaeo-Christianity. Atheists are essentially parasitic accretions. Axel
Like LaFontaine said, this should not be a surprise. I always held the belief that humans are much older and much more intelligent than what Darwinists would have us believe. But I always like to take a step back and look at the big picture, is any one else seeing how Darwinism in general seems to be on a humiliating retreat. Whether we're talking about the discovery of humanity's history that is contradicting Darwinism as above, or the discoveries of epigenetics and other mechanisms of adaptation that have discarded Darwinian mechanisms of RM+NS. I mean really, the only thing keeping Darwinism alive is the speculative swordsmanship of its devout materialist followers. Shogun
Some of us are fascinated by the fact that, once the Darwin shackles are off, all this stuff about Neanderthals comes tumbling out, as it were. Symbolized by the way artists now portray them as one would portray, say, early polar or boreal forest peoples, rather than as half-animals. News
No one should be surprised by this, given that we aren't kin to monkeys. Maybe their surprise is the rapidity with which their chosen narrative is falling apart. Mike LaFontaine

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