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Eric Hedin is the new News co-ordinator at Uncommon Descent


Starting tomorrow, Denyse O’Leary is retiring from the News desk at Uncommon Descent. Physicist Eric Hedin, who replaces her, will be known to many readers from the controversy at Ball State University, Indiana, when he was barred from teaching a class on ID, mainly due to the efforts of Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. As David Klinghoffer puts it,

What I found most despicable about the successful attempt to silence Professor Hedin was the power disparity. Hedin was a young scientist — on tenure track but not holding tenure, and thus highly vulnerable — at Ball State University, an “institution…named after a manufacturer of glass canning jars — a benign backstory for an utterly benign university campus.” Or that was what Hedin imagined. His persecutor, on the other hand, was a prominent academic, enjoying maximum career safety at the University of Chicago. Let’s be honest: between the two, there was no contest. Coyne could move against Hedin without fear, and he did. On the other hand, Hedin’s career was on the line, and both knew it.

Hedin was stunned to find himself accused of violating the First Amendment. He was also anxious that the older, more powerful scientist was about to put an end to Dr. Hedin’s life in science. Amid a media controversy, Discovery Institute sought to intervene, but again, the power was all on the side of the atheists.

News, “David Klinghoffer Muses On The (Almost) Cancelation Of Physicist Eric Hedin” at Uncommon Descent (March 4, 2021)

Since then, Coyne has burnt up a fair amount of time at his blog, Why Evolution Is True, caterwauling about the Cancel Culture he helped create, oblivious to his role in the matter.

Here’s a sample chapter from Hedin’s book, Canceled Science: What some atheists don’t want you to see, in which Hedin tells the story.

Denyse will continue to post now and then, just not as the regular News person.

Over to you, Eric!

Welcome, Dr. Eric! (I forgot to mention) Wishing you also many blessings and great success! ycrad
Well color me a little sad, I will miss you Denyse! You are awesome thank for all that you’ve done! AaronS1978
Good luck and thank you for all your hard work, Denyse! Welcome Eric! EDTA
Denyse, thank you for your daily efforts at bringing us the latest on evolutionary conundrums and interesting physics items. We'll miss you, but I'm sure you'll find good use of your extra time each day. PaV
Thank you so much, Denyse, for your so dedicated work (a tremendous service). Your contribution is immeasurable and will remain set in stone. I wish God bless you in this new phase (retirement). I will continue to follow you on Twitter. Greetings/congratulations from all the friends you also have in Brazil. My Twitter: @Ler_pra_crer ycrad
Thank you for all of your work, Denyse. Your writing and insights are brilliant and we were blessed with your good humor and intelligence. Wishing you a happy retirement! And please stay in touch! Congratulations and welcome to Eric also. Silver Asiatic
Whatever our differences, I always appreciated the hard work you put in to bring varied and interesting topics to the table here. Best wishes to you! Seversky
Thank you, Denyse! Your contributions have been very appreciated! You can still stop by and say Hi !!! ET
Denyse's News was one of the reasons I I've been around all this time. Don't forget to stop by! Best of success to Eric! Andrew asauber
We can still access Denyse’s thoughts at https://twitter.com/itsdesign Keep up the great work in beautiful Victoria. jerry
God bless you Denyse for all of your years of faithful service. Barry Arrington
Greatly appreciate all your hard work in bringing in and summarizing interesting topics over the years, Denyse O’Leary. You kept this site fascinating with all of the various subject matter. Best of wishes to you. William J Murray
Denyse, it has been a joy to be involved with UD and with your work. All the very best. KF kairosfocus
HIstorically, cancelling can be good for the career. It pulls the 'offender' out of a power structure where he was trading silence for prestige, and lets him find a better niche. The new niche may have less prestige and money, but the tradeoff is better for his soul. In 1954 Frank Edwards was one of the top newscasters, with 13 million listeners. He was cancelled for questioning the Air Force's UFO censorship. He regained his balance and continued serving millions through books and syndicated features. Good luck, Eric! Find and make your own niche. polistra
Good luck for your future, Denyse. I liked your occasional one-liners. Belfast

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