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Human evolution: What do we really know about our past?

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… what do we really know about our past? A 2012 article in Scientific American acknowledged, with good reason as we have seen, “The origin of our genus, Homo, is one of the biggest mysteries facing scholars of human evolution.” Intriguing finds lead to a barrage of conflicting narratives, partial and uncertain, much like ancient mythologies.

And the field has experienced fraud as well as dissension. Consider Piltdown man (“archaeology’s greatest hoax”). The pretended fossil (which “turned up” in 1912 and was not exposed as a composite until 1953) was a simple, easily detectible fraud that went undetected because it was so valued by British paleontologists that for over forty years they would neither consider it closely nor permit anyone else to do so. Over thirty suspects, including prominent scientists, have been suggested as the possible fraudster: …

Piltdown mainly demonstrates how deeply committed the generations of fossil hunters after Darwin have been to the story of the “ascent of man” he so effectively popularized.

And then there are the vendettas. More.

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Thanks Cosmicrabbit. It's obvious the shared design points to a single Creator. The "humans are apes" is rooted in Victorian Era racism. Those Euro White guys believed the "savages" (Blacks) living in Africa were closer to apes than themselves. Darwin's influence has had a dreadful impact on humanity. Continues to this day sigh. That was a real sigh this time. ppolish
yes, sigh indeed! But this article will make you sigh a little less. It answers a lot of questions about just how related we are supposed to be to chimps and other species. I posted it on the other article in this same theme on this site a few days ago - it's really informative http://diggingupthefuture.com/2014/08/02/how-related-to-chimps-are-we-really/ cosmicrabbit
In fact the error of classifying humans as "Great Apes" started with Darwin and now strongly reinforced by the Dawkins cult sigh. http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/2013/02/13/the-great-ape-taxonomy-debate/ ppolish
But of course humans are much much much more closely related to neanderthal than we are to chimp. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Are_humans_and_chimpanzees_99_percent_genetically_identical ppolish
H.sapien roamed the Earth concurrently with H.neanderthal and H.erectus. Erectus is known as "the old one". Why do most Christians believe Adam & Eve were sapien? Why not erectus. Or older yet the first Homo? ppolish
What do we really know about our past? That we're doomed to repeat it? Mung
Very Nicely written article News! :) A keeper! bornagain77

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