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The search for “what sets humans apart” from chimpanzees is really a fake search

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Because it is agreed in advance that the most likely conclusions are ruled out

This from PNAS:

Despite our intuition that humans are a species distinct from other animals, attempts to define what makes us unique continue to confound.

In a quiet room, away from the bustle of their daycare playmates, two 3 year olds pull a rope that’s wrapped around a board, which sits inside a transparent box. A single pile of riches, stickers and gummy bears, can be theirs but only if they work together. To bring the board to the front of the box and ferry the reward to within reach, each must pull one end of the rope simultaneously because the ends of the rope are too far apart for one person to manage. First, each child works with an adult to accomplish the feat. Then the children work together, bringing the spoils close enough to grab. At that point, each must make a decision: should they share? Usually, they do (1).

Chimpanzees, it turns out, do not share, unless the food reward is split equally into two piles (See Fig. 2). Otherwise, the dominant chimpanzee takes it all (2).

Okay. That reminds some of us of the non-chimp political systems we threw out on their hind ends ages ago.

So why it is supposed to be so amazing if humans don’t live that way?

How about, instead, “attempts to define” continue to confound and always will, as long as we are studying chimps in order to understand humans. Who said that was the right way to go about it?

If you assume a bottom up universe it might work. Or might not. If you assume a top down universe , you can easily see it as a waste of money. Discuss.

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Thanks humbled, now if you could pass that clearly worked out counter theory for the diversity of life, we'll all be much better off. Haven't got one? God did it? The unknowable designer didit? The designer and a couple of alien buddies whipped it up? Actually your only contribution appears to be letting people know, that you know, what did not give rise to the diversity of life. You know it wasn't evolution. You haven't actually progressed much further from that have you? Don't worry this whole site suffers from the same dementia. We are animals, in every meaningful way. Sincerely destructive ones, with now and then the appearance of genius. This allows all the rest of us mediocre types to feel special, as we belong to the same species as Motzart, Shakespeare or Darwin. rvb8
its all about the intellect. this being from our being made in gods image. animals are not likewise made. We think like god. animals don't. They never can have wisdom, understanding or much knowledge. WE are not related to apes. We only have their body. yet this is unique because we are uniquely unable to have a body of our own that represents our true identity. Animals are what they are. We are not. We have a soul in gods image. We are renting a apes form. by the way. beauty does not exist or rather its just a accurate or more accurate symmetry relative to the mean or less. Robert Byers
"To study how humans are different from other animals" I see what you did there, very sneaky Goodusername. Not catching me out mate. Humans are not animals. Only your insane belief system makes that claim. It is clear to a 3 year old child that humans and animals are different on every level. Now, if a 3 yr old can figure this out why can't you? I'll tell you why... You are insanely wedded to a silly old victorian theory called Darwinian evolution. Thankfully scientists and lay folk alike are waking up to the fact that A. Darwin was a very disturbed individual, B. Darwin was completely and utterly wrong and I'll throw in a C. Darwinian evolution, as a theory/belief system, does nothing to advance science. In fact it hinders scientific progress. Sadly it'll take time to move this claptrap from "science" to "religion/philosophy". But it will happen and future generations will mock and ridicule us for believing, or allowing this insane idiocy to take hold. humbled
How about, instead, “attempts to define” continue to confound and always will, as long as we are studying chimps in order to understand humans. Who said that was the right way to go about it?
To study how humans are different from other animals, one has to study animals and humans, and then compare and contrast. That's just how it works. goodusername
Animal are not conscious, in my opinion. An appreciation for beauty and the arts is the hallmark of consciousness. We, humans, have it but animals don't. Animals are nevertheless very intelligent and in ways that are, at times, not obvious to us. Animals are awesomely complex meat robots. Mapou

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