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Dissing a pro-ID author without reading his book — will Sal do a Nick Matzke imitation?

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Here is one pro-ID author I’m not endorsing without even reading his book: Lou Barreto who wrote the pro-ID book Who is this Alien?.

who is this alien

Recently, Nick Matzke has been getting criticism for dissing pro-ID books he’s not even read. See: Nick Matzke Book Burner. To his credit, Nick’s at least read some of the material by the ID authors he disses. But I think I might do Nick one better, I’m going to diss a pro-ID author and his book without reading his book. Why? See what Barreto wrote about me:


Article: By Lou Barreto

It seems like the critics of Intelligent Design, such as Sal Cordova and others, will never acknowledge the concepts of Intelligent Design as being valid. Why? Their refusal to acknowledge the existence of a Creator-God and His Son Jesus Christ-that is connected to Intelligent Design. Yes, every critic wants nothing to do with God. They feel threaten by the Ten Commandments.They are afraid of being denied their sexual desires or fantasies…

Sal Cordova and other critics always seem to demand physical proof of the existence of God and yet many of these critics believe that there are alien life forms, extra-terrestrial beings, or a higher power somewhere in our universe. Do they require physical appearance of these aliens or a higher power? No. they just believe it without proof. The critics like Sal Cordova just believe the alien beings exist.

Sal Cordova is perhaps mentally sick, deranged, a bit to religious, must be on drugs, ….

Comment by Lou in Good and Bad reasons for rejecting ID

If this is really Lou Barreto posting this stuff at UD, I feel comfortable dissing his book without even reading it. If he can’t even get is promo material stating the facts right, why waste money on this book when you can use that money to buy Stephen Meyer’s book! If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then one can argue at least, through my actions, I put in a good word for Nick via example.

Doesn’t Lou realize who I am? I received many honors in relation to my advocacy of ID. For example, the highest honor came from one of America’s top bloggers in the ID/creation/evolution wars:

Without hesitation, I can tell you who the most contemptible, repulsive creationist I know is: he tops even Ray Comfort and Ken Ham in the pantheon of creationist liars for Jesus. It’s the otherwise negligible Sal Cordova,

PZ Myers
Sal Cordova is a slimy little sewer goblin

and next I’m listed #81 in the encyclopedia of American Loons

Here is another slimy, dishonest creationist and liar for Jesus. Cordova’s style is well exemplified here.

He is neither the most influential nor the stupidest of the creationists, but he is probably the most vile and dishonest. He has absolutely no scruples concerning quote-mining, twisted misrepresentations and blatant, bald-faced lying to make a rhetorical point which might, at first, seem convincing to the ignorant.
Diagnosis: Lunatic jerk. Liar for Jesus, crackpot and moron. Impact is probably negligible.

I got listed ahead of #168, Sean Hannity!

And I did have lesser honors like being on National TV in defense of ID:
Crocker, Sisson, Cordova, Chenette TV Special

I was mentioned in a book by Lauren Sandler and endorsed by Sam Harris in the chapter on Evolutionary Wars: the-new-face-evangelical-christianity-and-the-evolutionary-wars.

and featured in the cover story of the April 28, 2005 edition of the prestigious scientific journal Nature: Who has designs on your students minds.

[posted by scordova to assist the News desk with content and commentary until July 7, 2013]

Concerning Sal Cordova's comment about my article about Him. Sal said that I stated in my article "he was perhaps mentally sick, deranged, a bit to religious, must be on drugs"......sal took that out of context to suit his purpose. I DID NOT INSULT SAL Below is part of my article where the phase is actually mention "perhaps mentally sick, deranged, a bit to religious, must be on drugs". When I made that statement/phase...I was saying "If God spoke to Sal and made a Jesus believer out of him, other non-believers would say that Sal was "mentally sick, deranged, a bit to religious, must be on drugs or a Jesus freak"........ BELOW IS PORTION OF THE ARTICLE THAT I WROTE THAT HAS THE PHASE I have news for Mr. Sal Cordova and other critics, the day that God speaks to you personally, your life will change dramatically at that very moment in time. There will be much drama. The adrenalin in your body will kick in. You will not be asking God, your creator, to give some sort of demonstration or construct some experiment to prove His existence. Let me tell you what your very words would be as the adrenalin starts flowing. “Lord how stupid, how dumb could I be all these years. It’s you that opens doors and closes doors. It’s you that controls everything. Lord how could I be so dumb, so stupid? It’s you, it’s you. Lord where have I been all these years, where have I been? From this moment on, I will seek your kingdom and declare Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.” YES, YOU WILL TELL THE WHOLE WORLD, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND EVEN STRANGERS. OF COURSE, YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WILL SAY SAL CORDOVA IS PERHAPS MENTALLY SICK, DERANGED, A BIT TO RELIGIOUS, MUST BE ON DRUGS, MUST BE OUT OF A JOB AND WORST OF ALL, HE HAS BECOME A JESUS FREAK. From that day on you will not be questioning God about creation, Intelligent Design, the Bible, the family of God, kingdom of God, the DNA Molecule, the Big Bang theory, and many other scientific discoveries that support the existence of a creator. It will not matter what people say about you. God spoke to you and no one can change your mind about the experience. Lou..A Resident From Heaven love1scent
"'The Slimy Little Sewer Goblins' would be a good name for a band." - It ranks up there with the "Soggy Bottom Boys". bb
"The Slimy Little Sewer Goblins" would be a good name for a band. Barb

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