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    So true.

    During my contentious tenure-track days, I constantly got the advice “Get your tenure first, then write those papers…”

    But it wasn’t until I lost the tenure-track position that I found I was finally free to write. The shackles were there all the time, I just didn’t notice them.

    Tenure is like most things in this post-modern world, the reality is opposite to the claim.

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    News says:

    Intellectual freedom is not given, it is undertaken. A key duty is risk and loss, like yours.

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    Ilion says:

    No one else enslaves us; we enslave ourselves.

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    kairosfocus says:

    Freedom to starve is not really sustainable.

    The cartoon is funny, but as with most truly funny things, it has a sharpish, subtly sad point. The issue it implies, is: where is the alternative?

    So, the challenge is to build an economic, public support and institutional base that allows people to build the platform to do the liberating research, education, training and actions that open up a positive future.

    For, a world in which a shadowy new magisterium slyly redefines science itself to suit its agenda of a priori Lewontin- Sagan- Coyne- Myers- NAS- NSTA materialism, with all the amorality that that implies, is not a world in which any sane community wants to live. (As Plato cautioned 2350 years ago in the just linked.)

    So, we need to build an alternative. A new media web platform like UD etc is a good start, but much more is needed.

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