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A friend has asked, who subscribes to Scientific American any more?

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Look, isn’t this a conversation we should be having?

We’re not going to rehash old stuff, like what happened to Forrest Mims, okay?

It’s more like this now: Nobody even notices that Avi Loeb, has just claimed that our universe is a space alien’s experiment.

That doesn’t matter. Just like it didn’t matter that he insisted that space garbage Oumuamua was ET…

Of course, if Loeb had said the universe was created from nothing (ex nihilo) by God, he’d be banned from further publication, right?

“Science” is heading downhill pretty fast in one really important sense: It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between “science” and “sciencey.”

There is evolutionews and the Biologos publication. Doesn't Sarah Chafee do research? marquez8
News @ 6: now where have I heard that before? :-) My preference would be a satirical Science Magazine; something like the Babylon Bee, spoofing and satirizing some of the stuff that gets chortled about on this site. We could call it "Darwin's Stool", "the Naturalist Fryer", "Maxwell's Daemon", or some-such... Meanwhile, I have looked into Science News, which is free on-line. After reading it for awhile, if I like it, I may subscribe once my SciAm subscription expires. Fasteddious
Fasteddious at 5, we should really think about starting one. Like, if the naturalist view is that space junk is ET, how hard can it really be? The trouble is, some of us don't want to end up doing all the line editing ourselves. News
I have a SciAm subscription, but every year I ask myself whether I should renew it. I would drop it like a hot potato if I could find a reasonable alternative. Any suggestions for a general science magazine that is not too simple (like Popular Science) or as woke as SciAm has become? Fasteddious
https://www.technologynetworks.com/neuroscience https://neurosciencenews.com/ I also recommend Neurophil For free will but I strongly suggest that we keep an eye on the two sites above a lot of what they post directly pertains to many of the things that we argue about or discuss on this site AaronS1978
Science, much like everything else in the schools, is not based on educating young minds, but indoctrination of future generations. SciAm employees people who have been indoctrinated by professors who preach socialism instead of teaching facts. Universities are a part of the PC culture that is a continuation of the culture war. BobRyan
Ditto Aaron. Neurology and invertebrate biology are relatively free of theory goggles. Engineering has always been closer to objectivity, and remains so. SciAm has been a LONG way from real science for a LONG time. I first started to notice it in the '80s when I was doing a lot of research in university libraries. I found that SciAm stopped considering unorthodox ideas around 1968. polistra
I strongly suggest keeping an eye on neuroscience news and neuroscience news and research AaronS1978

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