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A guide to the Meyer Marshall debate, with notes

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Darwin's Doubt From Sean Pitman (2016):

Late last year there was an interesting debate on Premier Christian Radio, “Unbelievable” with Justin Brierley between Stephen Meyer and Charles Marshall over Meyer’s latest book,Darwin’s Doubt. Marshall, a UC Berkeley paleontologist, had published a review of the book in the journal Science a few months earlier and this was Meyer’s chance to respond to Marshall’s less than positive critique.

Charles Marshall - UC Berkeley

For those interested, the radio debate is available by clicking on the following: (Link)

What follows here is my own summery, followed by my own personal take, on the debate: More.


See also: Listener’s guide and video series on the book

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2 Replies to “A guide to the Meyer Marshall debate, with notes

  1. 1
    Robert Byers says:

    The links I tried to the debate didn’t work.

  2. 2
    tragic mishap says:

    Near as I can figure, this debate occurred in October 2013, not late last year.

    Here is the link.

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