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A proposed dark matter solution makes gravity an illusion

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

An illusion like consciousness, right?

Okay, never mind, let’s hear the solution. From Brian Koberlein at Forbes:

What if the effects of gravity aren’t due to some fundamental force, but are rather an emergent effect due to other fundamental interactions? A new paper proposes just that, and if correct it could also explain the effects of dark matter.

An anthropic force acts like gravity.

Entropic gravity is an interesting idea, and it would explain why gravity is so difficult to bring into the fold of quantum physics, but it’s not without its problems. For one, since entropic gravity predicts exactly the same gravitational behavior as general relativity, there’s no experimental way to distinguish it as a better theory. There are also theoretical problems with the model. For example, if you try to describe a gravitationally closed system of masses within the model it only matches experiment if you place weird constraints on the entropy of the system.

But despite its problems the idea is at least worth exploring, and this latest work adds a new twist by describing the effects of dark matter. More.

Two safe bets: 1) The theorist will get nowhere if he cannot factor in information.

2) Most physicists would give the entire budget of NASA for a single particle of dark matter.

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There is some dissent about dark energy too, actually.

Headline writers do often jump to conclusions but many may be getting restless about why these entities never seem to turn up.

See also: Rob Sheldon: The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. Or IS it? One gets the sense that Prof Sarkar is trying not to step on toes as he explains why the Nobel should never have been awarded for dark energy.

Rob Sheldon: How do dark energy and dark matter relate to ID?


Dark matter: Skeptics wanted

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The paper "Beyond Einstein: non-local physics" by Brian Fraser (2015) explains why gravity is not a force, and how it originates from atomic structure. Derivation of Newton's gravitational equation is shown from fundamental principles. The free 22 page paper can be downloaded from: http://scripturalphysics.org/4v4a/BeyondEinstein.html The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information, and many more links and insights. BrianFraser
Verlinde is very close to my own conception of space, thermodynamics and gravity. He's missing an almost invisible, but essential part of the picture. The holographic principle has to be thought through a little bit more deeply. They're getting close. PaV

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