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You didn’t exist before legal birth, but never mind


From Mental Floss:


For years, science considered the uterus of a pregnant woman a sterile environment, but new research published in Science Translational Medicine revealed that placentas have a unique microbiome that is different from any other part of the body (though most similar to the microbiome of the mouth). Contact with their mothers’ placentas, and the umbilical cord that attaches them, offers babies their first exposure to the bacteria that will soon colonize and support their own small bodies. Understanding this particular microbiome may also help researchers learn more to treat in utero infections and preterm births. More.

By contrast, the space alien certainly exists, according to tax-funded sources, but has never been spotted anywhere.

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buffalo Agree with your defence of the kids in the womb. Yet I don't agree its about power or money nor its like dictators murders. It is simply a intellectual contention. Those who say the fetus is not a kid rightly support abortion choice. Those who say the fetus is a kid rightly support the kids rights to life and no legal abortion allowed. As a Christian I do think Satan is behind it and some vague human evilness. However I still say its not a moral contention and believe most act morally and intellectually consistent relative to ones conclusion on the identity of the fetus. We will win by persuasion of conclusions and not by moral regeneration. Robert Byers
It was built on lies (see Dr Barnard Nathansons testimony Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist http://www.catholiceducation.org/en/controversy/abortion/confessions-of-an-ex-abortionist.html) and lies over and over and over. It is about power and money over the less powerful. It is evil and one has to ask who was worse? The slaughter by the dictators in the 20th century or the allowance of an entire nation supposedly living with the blessings of God. We should be ashamed. buffalo
Indeed its a ignorant, almost evil, decision of the ROE vs wAde decision that people did not exist before they totally emerge from thir "mothers" body. Roe was forced to this conclusion in order to deny the fetus is or can be said to be a human. In fact even a baby stuck for 30 seconds , crying away, but not totally oit of mother is still not a people according to Roe. Truly dumb and suspicious of evil. How dumb can you get? Robert Byers

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