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Accredited Times offers the scoop on Jon Wells and zombie science

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From possible joke site, regarding Jonathan Wells and his new book Zombie Science, this item:

We hope this makes it clear that there is no room in objective reality science for nutjobs, like Jonathan Wells, who refuse to March for Science. Bill Nye is the science guy – trust him. More.

Funny anyone would pick Bill Nye the [content warning!] guy, a grand marshall (except he’s too white ) of the pussyhat march for science (who must have skipped civics in high school) to be some kind of stellar figure to oppose Wells.

But it is after all a joke site. Unfortunately, most of Wells’s critics in this matter feature a similar level of competence.

See also: That didn’t take long: Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne defends zombie science. Of course, he allows us to know, he did not read Jonathan Wells’ book.

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    MatSpirit says:

    Here’s a cute article from the same author:

    It’s not racist at all. Just hand over your wallet and everything will be ok.

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