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Experiment to probe the weak points of the Standard Model of our universe

3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

Better known as Big Bang cosmology, it is not very popular in some quarters:

Developed in the 1960s and ’70s, the standard model has some sizable holes: It can’t explain dark matter — an ethereal substance so far detected only by its gravitational effects — or dark energy, a mysterious oomph that causes the cosmos to expand at an increasing rate. The theory also can’t explain why the universe is made mostly of matter, while antimatter is rare (SN: 9/2/17, p. 15). So physicists are on a quest to revamp particle physics by probing the standard model’s weak points.

Major facilities like the Large Hadron Collider — the gargantuan accelerator located at CERN near Geneva — haven’t yet found where the standard model goes wrong (SN: 10/1/16, p. 12). Instead, particle physics experiments have confirmed standard model predictions again and again. “In some sense we are victims of our own success,” says Juan Rojo, a theoretical physicist at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. “We don’t have hints about what is the next step.” Emily Conover, “Three new physics experiments could revamp the standard model” at Science News

possible evidence for dark energy/NASA, CXC, SAO,A.Vikhlinin et al.

A new experiment, KATRIN, at the Karlsruhe Institute in Germany, will, it is hoped, shed some light.

Actually, it is unclear whether dark matter is what we think or whether dark energy exists. Maybe we are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places.

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Researchers: Either dark energy or string theory is wrong. Or both are. But dark energy is so glitzy! Isn’t it a line of cosmetics already?

The Big Bang: Put simply,the facts are wrong.


What becomes of science when the evidence does not matter?

And who has suggested science should abandon any of them?
Evolutionists, obviously. ET
What is the difference between data, evidence and theory? And who has suggested science should abandon any of them? Seversky

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