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An engineer’s simulation of the fine tuning of the universe


Here, at engineer Michael Crews’ home page. Here is his son Ryan’s accompanying paper.

A physicist writes to say that it is a toy model in 2-D that uses Newton’s equations, somewhat like the video games of two decades ago. But other than that, it behaves the same as million-dollar super-computing sims.

See also: Universe “roughly tuned” for computing? Instead of fine-tuned for life?

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OT: Although Dr. Ross is shameless in using the nasty 'C' word, I can't shake the feeling that he may be on to something when he says the scientific evidence continues to grow stronger and stronger for his 'Creation' model: Hugh Ross Testing RTB's Creation Model - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlYzYMDpTwY bornagain77
This toy model universe offers insight, even though it considers 3 fine tuned variables instead of the actual few dozen, and goes out 2 decimal places instead of the 100+ decimal places required by actual fine tuning. I think a common misunderstanding by New Atheists is that if you twiddle the knobs there will be a universe with zirgon people thinking THEY are special, twiddle again and a universe with ommlpp people thinking THEY are special, twiddle again and there are human people thinking THEY are special. But that is not the fine tuning Modern Science has revealed. Modern Science has revealed you can twiddle an infinite amount and get squat. Only one twiddle out of infinity gets you "people" period. Heck yea we're special. "We only THINK we are special because we are here to think that" says the New Atheist. Well duh no kidding. ppolish

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