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Apparent non-crackpot physicist wins Templeton Prize


Marcelo Gleiser sounds as though he thinks that the great mysteries of physics are about this universe, not space aliens, computer sim universes, cyborgs, and so forth (on that score, see 2011 Templeton winner Sir Martin Rees).

More on Gleiser:

“There is all this stuff that science has discovered, but there are so many questions we still have no clue about. Because nature is so much smarter than we are, we’re always playing this game of catch-up,” he says. “So I look at science as this kind of flirt with the unknown, and what motivates this spirit of discovery is awe and the joy of being part of this process.”Colin Dwyer, “Marcelo Gleiser Wins Templeton Prize For Quest To Confront ‘Mystery Of Who We Are’” at NPR

Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne is not pleased:

Well, once again the canny John Templeton Foundation has awarded its million-pound Templeton Prize to someone who’s not a religious figure but a scientist who enables religion and criticizes materialism and atheism. This time the Big Dosh went to Marcelo Gleiser, a professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College. He’s a theoretical physicist and also a prolific popular writer, having produced six books, some of which seem to emphasize the limits of science. And that’s apparently what he got he Prize for: for adhering to Sir John Templeton’s program that science and spirituality (aka religion) were both required to apprehend the “ultimate truths” about the Universe and answer the “Big Questions.” Jerry CoyneMarch 19, 2019, “Templeton Prize awarded to physicist for blending science and woo” at Why Evolution Is True

But then, in Jerry’s books, Templeton can do wrong just doing its job.

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Apparently Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne can’t get no satisfaction and he tries and he tríes... :) Poor thing. jawa

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