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Apparently, Earth is STILL rare


Despite all we hear. Understandably, a topic of disappointment for space adventure buffs but anyhow…

Astronomers have recently found there are two ‘Earth-like’ rocky planets around Proxima Centauri, one within the ‘habitable zone’ where any water could be in liquid form,” said Andrew Zic from the University of Sydney.

“But given Proxima Centauri is a cool, small red-dwarf star, it means this habitable zone is very close to the star; much closer in than Mercury is to our Sun.”

That would mean those planets would be “sterilised” by dangerous ionising radiation that came from their Sun.

Andrew Griffin, “Scientists Make Major Breakthrough in Search for Aliens – and its First Discovery is A Disappointment” at The Independent

Well, we may as well keep looking. Jobs for astronomers. And there are lots of exoplanets out there.

We think that this is the paper and you can download it for free.

Astronomers, much like most historical writers, are unable to remove themselves from the equation. BobRyan
The latest New "Scientist" has an article that shows this bigotry nicely. The author claims that inventiveness springs from empathy, which is already a peculiar idea. Then he claims that the "empathy circuit" must have evolved quite recently, around 100k years ago. This is just stupid. Other social mammals and birds have STRONG senses of empathy. If humans have changed this sense, we more likely lost part of it than gained it. polistra
As usual the scientists don't understand what life is. Life is adaptation and learning. If the best source of energy is "harmful" ionizing radiation, life will find a way to use it. This is nothing more than parochial narrow-mindedness, a form of bigotry. Because scientists are inanimate machines, they can't imagine how living creatures work. Because they love death and need to destroy and kill, they can't imagine loving life and needing to create and survive. polistra

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