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Are you pro-science enough?

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In my previous post, I cited a Miami Herald article that refers to “The National Center for Science Education, a pro-science watchdog group.” For the real pro-science watchdog group, check out the following links:

That’s right. I own those domain names and they all refer back here. Let me encourage all contributors to this blog to use these domain names in referring to UD when they email Darwinists.

7 Replies to “Are you pro-science enough?

  1. 1
    bork says:

    haha, awesome!

  2. 2
    Granville Sewell says:

    I assume was already taken?

  3. 3
    nemesis says:

    That would be too funny if the NCSE actually offered to buy those domain names.

  4. 4
    nemesis says:

    Just for the heck of it, someone should get I checked and it isn’t taken.

  5. 5
    IrishFather412 says:

    I love that! It is about time we recognized that ID is about science, not religion.

    Although as a religious person I find ID refreshingly obvious. It gladens me to know now that science confirms my beliefs.

  6. 6
    JGuy says:

    Very cool … note that “” is also available.

  7. 7
    rswood says:

    Awesome, what a coup. With that in place, might as well rename UD to “Pro-Science: Uncommon Clarity About Our Uncommon Descent”

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