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Astrophysicist explains: Universe as three-dimensional donut

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One approach, offered by Thomas Buchert:

Examining light from the very early universe, Buchert and a team of astrophysicists have deduced that our cosmos may be multiply connected, meaning that space is closed in on itself in all three dimensions like a three-dimensional donut. Such a universe would be finite, and according to their results, our entire cosmos might only be about three to four times larger than the limits of the observable universe, about 45 billion light-years away.

Paul Sutter, “Our universe might be a giant three-dimensional donut, really” at LiveScience
If SPIRAL cosmological redshift and hypothesis, the entire universe approximates the approx. sphere that is the visible universe, we (Earth-sun ecliptic) being the approx. center thereof. Only normal matter required and a radius of 2B LY +/-, so considering SCM-LCDM thinks the entire universe but 1/200th of the entire, after a straight line entropy factor SPIRAL over 150T:1 times more reasonable cosmological model than the current consensus that concludes the universe about 13.8B years old, the visible universe 46.5 B LY radius and normal matter but 5% of all matter. Think parsimony, and hard not to make SPIRAL the new standard, especially after all the pure science advantages SPIRAL has over SCM-LCDM. Pearlman

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