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At American Thinker: Science reporting is one of the saddest casualties of the schools of journalism


Everyone’s probably got a story about that:

Science reporters should have serious training in the subject matter on which they report, along with the highest standards of objectivity and rational skepticism. Instead, they oftentimes seem little more qualified than reporters for high school newsletters, if that much. They basically transcribe what the scientists tell them, dumb it down to their own simplistic level, and then report it to us as if they knew what they were talking about. Imagine if the standards were so low for sports reporters that they thought field goals were kicked in baseball.

Robert Arvay, “The sad, sad state of modern science reporting” at American Thinker

Okay, but many papers can’t be replicated and many journals have gone Woke too. So it may not matter as much as Arvay thinks. Maybe it doesn’t matter much that the reporting is just as bad as the studies.

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When medical journals get woke


Why has a historic medical journal gone weird?

Polistra - but that's what a lot of the press actually do. Bob O'H
Most universities have a research press-release department that turns out objective and CLEAR explanations of important articles. If the magazines and media would simply Ctrl-V these releases, the result would be a lot better than the atrocious screeching we actually get. polistra

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