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Why has a historic medical publication gone weird?

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A science writer asks, citing several distinctly odd viewpoints aired in the journal that was founded in 1823, including

This year, the weirdness continued. A paper in The Lancet argued that certain food experts should be banned from food policy discussions. (Of course, the experts that should be banned are any that are associated with industry, because industry = bad.) And then, The Lancet slandered surgeons, using shady statistics to blame them for killing millions of people every year. The study was so bad that our typically calm, cool, and collected Dr. Charles Dinerstein worried that his head would explode.

Apparently, whoever is operating The Lancet’s Twitter feed said, “Hold my beer, and watch this.” Here is what the organization posted today… Alex Berezow, “The Lancet Has Gotten Really Weird” at American Council on Science and Health

Wethinks the most likely reason is the need to cater to the raging Woke. Science is roadkill when you are really scared.

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